Shake, shake, shake, Shako your booty

Fall, I’m really waiting on ya.  You know that technically it’s fall because of the date, and of course, because Trader Joe’s has rolled out the pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin muffin mix, pumpkin chocolate granola bark stuff, pumpkin Trader O’s…you get the picture.  And whatever the hell a “pumpkin tree” is: And it also seemed […]

This is how you know you’re a mom.

I am driving to school and of course I am late (after reminding the kid: Is that your essay on the table?  Yeah.  Oh, she says, and I forgot my instrument *takes off lace up shoes*). The kid needs Advil, which of course is not acceptable at school, and of course she has forgotten the […]

Complaints Dept., Episode 1

R. said that he had been waiting for a counseling appointment for three weeks. I call the counseling office and they tell me that R. had an appointment the week before and he missed it.  He tells me this is their fault because his phone was broken and no one called him the day before […]

Rainier cherries vs Fidget Spinners

I told the Spouse that the Rainier cherries were in but they cost something insane, like $12 a pound.  The kid said she wanted some; I told her that I’d already spent $12 on a couple of fidget spinners at the market. “OK,” she said.  “The best thing is that you don’t just poop out […]


I sew, probably too much at this point. I’m prepping for sewing a larger quilt and needed a project for practice. I quilted and bound this sucker with bias tape, which I find a bit cheap and probably won’t use on the bigger quilt. The pips (triangles) were sewn down after my first use of […]

Pushing it.

When is the child going to be too old for a good round of moody hysterics? Not yet. I rushed to pick her up, snack and fresh water ready, spelling words installed for practice at red lights — this is how pushed we are for time. She greets me disappointed — none of that running […]