One fish, two fish…

…red fish, blue fish.  Clearly Dr. Seuss predicted the soft hearts of the idiot parents of one (or seven) high school student(s) whose AP Environmental Science course “experiment” featured live fish — not one, not two, but about SEVEN Bettas, each in a “eco-column.”  This “experiment” is straight bullshit (mess with animals and I am […]

Bombing at the Apollo

Months ago, and well, every year, we have crickets.  They show up in the five minutes of rain, gently chirping until they find a mate and spawn into a deafening chorus by fall.  I should mind this, but I really don’t care (liberal, mostly vegetarian, bug-cup-carrying no-kill insect remover).  Until I do.  Every time we […]

Smoking lady

There is a lady who walks (up and ) down our street every day at around the same time.  She dresses differently each time, but her handbag is always very large tote –either gold or blue– and there is always, each and every time, a cigarette in her mouth as she comes and goes.  Somewhere […]