About me and my clan

We’re a family of 3, four if you count our mischievous terrier, living in about 1300 sq. feet all told.

I have two beds. Don’t even suggest we change that or I’ll secretly poop on your lawn after bolting out the door while the lady unloads groceries.

I’m the middle-aged lady yearning for breathing room as well as sewing room, writing room, reading room — you get the picture.  I find the constant sorting, cleaning, and maintaining of stuff to be tiring, and the visceral feel of clutter a bit constricting.  Still, I’m part of the guilty party trying to reform my habits.

My husband would like the same type of thing, and sometimes he’ll even put in the effort without the aid of a red-hot poker.

The child is five cats short of an episode of Hoarders.

The dog is the only one who doesn’t mind one way or another (as long as the dried-up chicken treats, constant walks and love and snuggly blankies keep a’comin’).

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