Revisiting the Past

trophymanJust before our child was born, we converted our garage into an office and shoved all that remained in the garage into a shed during the conversion.  Much was thrown away, but much remained.

Unearthing our childhoods was both painful and revealing, with a little pinch of hilarious nostalgia.  But if clutter represents indecision, and I think it does, we have been indecisive about some interesting things in our lives.

I love this tiny man-statue from a spelling bee.  It was a big deal when I was kid.  I dressed up and wore my favorite gaucho pants!  I loved the denim notebook I had very carefully logoed with Ramones, Kiss and the like.  (I photographed it and then tossed it.  There’s love, and there’s insanity, and the wisdom to know the difference when deciding to keep stuff).  I photographed other trophies and the like, then got rid of them. Continue reading