Do the Math

Our child is adorable, but if I have to sit through another Math Wednesday, I’m going to tear her head off. It might seem hypocritical because it took me roughly 37 years to realize that math is another language used to express ideas, but sitting still with all those props for an hour still makes […]

Something to read

I’m always reading but I almost never write about it. I just read Patti Smith’s “Just Kids,” and “I Am Ozzy” (I had just read Rolling Stone and hit Amazon; it couldn’t be helped. Also, the Ozzy bio is extremely funny). The Hub just brought home an advance of “You Say Tomato, I Say Shut […]

The old man is snoring

I was going to go on about the kid, but first off, let’s talk weather: Being soggy all of the time sucks. I hand it to you, people of Oregon and Washington — I like you all with your funky, awesome houses and vegetarian stuff (especially you, Portland, where I have yet to go). But […]