Rainier cherries vs Fidget Spinners

I told the Spouse that the Rainier cherries were in but they cost something insane, like $12 a pound.  The kid said she wanted some; I told her that I’d already spent $12 on a couple of fidget spinners at the market.

“OK,” she said.  “The best thing is that you don’t just poop out a fidget spinner.”  Yes.  That is the best thing.

Unless you’re this kid.

Image result for child swallows fidget spinner

I’ll bet in retrospect that they wish they’d gone with the cherries. Or perhaps a less expensive fruit without a built-in choking hazard.

“Did she at least get it back?” the kid wondered. “It spins unevenly without it.”  Indeed.

Saving the world — While lowering the risk of Bubonic Plague

compostbinThis morning I ran out to get one of these compost bins up near Griffith Park.  They sell them once a month for $20 and they’re made with loads of recycled stuff, both of which make for a good deal.  If you don’t live in L.A., check if your Bureau of Sanitation offers any kind of subsidized compost bins.

They also offer free compost, which is great if you have a raised bed or something to fill.  We may tap that later…

We’ve been composting for about 20 years thanks to my husband, who knew far more about it than I did when we bought our house.  (The first time I saw the finished compost, I asked him why he added dirt.  For those of you who cannot play a banjo yet, the dirt is the compost when it’s finished.  It’s very nutrient dense too.)

Even so, I have a new little brochure that taught me a few new things: Continue reading